What we do?

Helicopter Charter Service

Revilo Aerospace started operation in October 2017 with a fleet of Bell 206 L4. Services included are Power Transmission monitor, Executive passenger transport, Medical evacuation and Aerial photography.


Line Maintenance Activities

Our commitment to provide full technical and operational support to commercial and military aircraft operators worldwide, this is achieved through the following services delivery to the customers.
These are:

  • PDM and Maintenance contract representation.
  • Maintenance resources supply support.
  • Maintenance planning and audit & job cards
  • Maintenance resources development (manpower, tools, & facility)
  • Integrated Logistics Support; spares provisioning and forecasting.

In aircraft operation, the logistic delay time (LDT) essentially is the time spent waiting for facilities, equipment, manpower and spares. So to deliver the above services, Revilo Aerospace’s business consists of the following bundle of activities;

  • Spare provisioning and Supply Support
  • Tools and Support Equipment
  • Manpower and Training
  • MRO Facilities
  • Ground support and Handling

The overall objective of Revilo Aerospace services to customers is to save downtime costs and improve aircraft availability. Aircraft availability is a measure of a customer fleet in a state of functioning (SoFu) at given time. When aircraft is in a state of failure (SoFa), it requires time to supply (TTS) + time to repair (TTR) to bring it back to the state of functioning (SoFu).

Aircraft downtime = time to supply (TTS) + time to repair (TTR).

Going by the above analysis therefore, to reduce downtime and subsequently increase Aircraft availability, the maintenance manager must reduce the TTS and TTR. To achieve this, ideally the maintenance manager should stockpile the supply support he needs as well as ensure availability of various skilled maintenance personnel. Though, this approach has costs implication that might erode the gain accrued from the reduction in downtime.
The best approach is for the maintenance manager to identify the supply support and certain skills of the maintenance personnel he seldom uses.

Just-in-time (JIT) policy is widely accepted by many organizations today as a ‘lean’ way of reducing costs of inventory holding. REVILO hereby offers our customers the opportunity to minimize operating costs with on-time delivery (JIT) system.

Revilo has developed different types of spares and manpower support agreement to meet the needs of a wide range of customers with various operating requirements.



Revilo Aerospace Limited, over the 20 years it has been in business maintained a slow but steady growth in its operations. The slow growth is attributable to the constraint by the erstwhile product and service offerings. It is to achieve higher but steadier growth that the company introduced aircraft line maintenance services in a Joint Venture (JV) with Aviacare SARL, few years ago. Through this JV, Revilo Aerospace and Aviacare SARL developed a wide range of maintenance capabilities, which made it possible for the JV to play dominant role in the line maintenance and ground handling services at the airports in Nigeria. Revilo has put plans in place set up a 7500 square meters hangar and FBO at the Murtala Mohammed international airport Lagos. With this facility, the company would be able to expand the line maintenance services to Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) service, and fixed base operation for general aviation.